Bilateral US-Arab
  • Do not sign, notarize or chamberize the Certificate of Origin
  • You will receive an email confirmation of Receipt
  • Only one original of each document will be legalized.
  • Use FILE UPLOAD to Attach Documents


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Use of this cover letter constitutes your agreement to the service condition provided by RHDC. Further, It appoints RHDC as your true and lawful attorney-in-fact with full authority in your place and stead to make a decision. It further authorizes RHDC to endorse, sign, declare or swear to any document required or necessary to complete your letter of credit or legalization. DL may designate and assign this power of attorney. It is understood that the sender of documents for letter of credit or legalization is responsible for providing RHDC with accurate and complete information in order to be able to process, complete and comply with banks and consulates. Letter of credit processing provided by RHDC INTERNATIONAL. RHDC disclaims all warranties and guarantees expressed or implied and shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from mis-delivery, delays in transportation, errors in processing, special incident or consequential damages however they may occur. RHDC’s maximum liability for providing above-mentioned service is $50.00. All documents will be legalized as per customs requirement of the importing country regardless of jurisdiction. RHDC will choose the consulate authorized to certify documents. RHDC will give preference to partner banks. RHDC will hold all fees received in a escrow account and act as a fiduciary/custodian of these funds. * Signature Email on this Cover Letter is acceptable. This Cover Letter must be signed, as we cannot provide you this service without signature on this form.

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