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The ideal Letter of Credit (LC) process should be fast, accurate, and easily transferred and accounted for. This ideal can be achieved – and even refined over time – if modern technology is integrated into the process. QLC stands above the competition by utilizing dynamic e-commerce technology to gather information, generate documents, and report status – all in a fast, secure, and easy fashion. Some of QLC’s technology uses include:

Secure electronic letters of credit: QLC accepts any type of electronic LC information, meaning that information is input directly by a critical party – banks, clients, freight forwarders, etc. This automated process minimizes human transcription error to ensure optimum accuracy. QLC uses IdenTrust – Trust Sign—the industry-standard platform for delivering business-authenticated, trusted documents over the Internet. Click here to download brochure. QLC also uses a secure browser capable of withstanding attacks from sophisticated malware and loaded with all the best-of-breed protection techniques, and a file drop messaging tool that lets you share business files and messages securely with anyone.

Real-time data tracking with remote access: QLC clients have the ability to track their money anytime, anywhere. Thanks to an encrypted (Secure Socket Layer) real-time web interface, clients can feel confident in getting the latest information safely and confidentially. Clients can also track and analyze LC cash flow or even compare their bank’s performance against regional competitors.



Instant event notification: Clients can get instant notification of critical events, such as payment receipt, via email alerts sent during QLC business hours. Each alert also includes helpful links and information, making reports and downloadable data just a click away. Clients can even receive alerts through mobile Internet devices, including pagers, cell phones, and PDAs.

Much of the LC industry is mired in old-fashioned processes. QLC utilizes an aggressive modernization philosophy to integrate the latest innovations into a time-tested document preparation standard. The result is a system that streamlines processes, saving clients time, money, and effort.

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