Case Studies

Case Study: Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer (SEM)

Innovative Ideas, Definitive Results

Every second counts in the semiconductor world. With Silicon Valley operating all day, every day, a pause in cash flow can disrupt almost any aspect of the business – from manufacturing to research to operations – making it absolutely critical for payments from international shipments to process as soon as possible. One Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer (SEM) learned their lesson the hard way – and solved their problems by enlisting Quality Letters of Credit (QLC).

The Problem

International business demands fast, accurate documentation to process payments as soon as possible. This SEM believed the best way to do this was by generating Letter of Credit (LC) documentation in-house. However, this methodology created problems upon problems, including:

  • Inaccurate documentation
  • Increased expenses and wasted money
  • Cash flow problems
  • Exhausted, unhappy employees

The Solution

After bleeding money and hurting company morale, the SEM sought to do it the right way. The company searched for the most reliable and respected LC documentation company available. Their search led them to one name: QLC.

The Results

How effective was QLC at turning around the SEM’s predicament? Combining the latest secure web technology with expert documentation professionals, the SEM noted that QLC brought:

  • A significant reduction in man-hours spent on documentation
  • Consistent cash flow with payments made much quicker than before
  • More money due to fewer expenses wasted on documentation penalties and labor costs
    To get the whole SEM story, including specific examples of how QLC’s technology helped simplify things, download the full version of the case study now. Learn more about QLC and the QLC solution.